War Crimes in Karabakh: Will Aliyev see his day in Court?

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/apkarian-2-10-2023/ On October 2,2023 Gassia Apkarian was a guest in Yerevan office of CivilNet and spoke with Patrick Elliott. This topic is very important that’s why AGA-Tribunal.info web site presents the detailed information with a full text in English with a timing and also with a translation into Russian. One of the previous videos Gassia Apkarian with CivilNet in 2022 – https://youtu.be/k3gCE-bWON8 As CivilNet writes under their video on youtube, Hon. Gassia Apkarian of the Center for Truth and Justice (CTJ) joined CivilNet to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh and efforts to achieve justice through […]

Decision of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) on the full legal and political commitment to represent the Republic of Artsakh and the people of Artsakh on international platforms and protect their rights

in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/wa-29-9-2023-hy/ in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/wa-29-9-2023/ DECISION of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) on the full legal and political commitment to represent the Republic of Artsakh and the people of Artsakh on international platforms and protect their rights September 29, 2023. Source: https://citizenship-western-armenia.info/en/archives/13158


AZERBAIJAN CONTINUES CULTURAL GENOCIDE AGAINST THE GHAZANCHETSOTS CATHEDRAL After the 2020 war, Azerbaijan initiated the false “restoration”[1] of the Holy Savior Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi, not actually restoring it, but distorting the true knowledge, history and future of the heritage. Being the main and first responsible for the impermissible damage to the exclusive cultural value, today Azerbaijan continues further damaging of the already injured value, leaving aside the crime of ethnic cleansing committed against the generations. Yes, the international fundamental principles of the heritage protection document says that it is important to preserve its integrity for the preservation of the […]

MFA of the Rep. of Artsakh Statement on the inadmissibility of using blockade and starvation to achieve Azerbaijan its political goals

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/mfa-25-7-2023/ in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/hy/mfa-25-7-2023-hy/ Source: web site of MFA of the Rep. of Artsakh


Harutyunyan Mher, Avanesov Hovik The article substantiates the fact that Azerbaijan’s aggression is carried out at the state level and is a component of Azerbaijan’s fascist policy, which clearly shows that Azerbaijan does not have a peaceful agenda․As a result of the study, we came to the conclusion that Azerbaijan continues its terrorist and aggressive policy in the region․ This study aims to present the involvement of foreign mercenaries and international terrorists during the Azerbaijani aggression against the Republic of Artsakh on the basis of relevant international conventions and regulatory legal acts․ It is clearly emphasized that impunity prepares fertile […]


Avanesov HovikHead of the Center of Caucasian Studies of Mesrop Mashtots University,Senior Lecturer of the Department of History and Caucasian StudiesMesrop Mashtots UniversityStepanakert, Republic of Artsakhhovikavanesow@gmail.comDavtyan YanaDean of the Faculty of Economics and Law of Mesrop Mashtots University,Associate Professor of MMUStepanakert, Republic of Artsakhydavtyan80@gmail.comGevorgyan ArturDirector National Sculpture Park MuseumGyumri, Republic of Armeniaarturgevorgyanes@gmail.com This study aims to present in 1920-2022 In Azerbaijan implemented a policy of destroying the Armenian cultural heritage in the occupied settlements of Artsakh, taking as a basis the relevant international conventions. It is emphasized that impunity prepares fertile ground for the implementation of new cultural genocides. The […]

A. Marsoobian. Genocide Denial and Its Consequences for Victims and Perpetrators

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/marsoobian-16-9-2021/ A report by Armen T. Marsoobian at the International conference in Yerevan on September 16. 2021. Armen Marsoobian is professor of Philosophy, Southern Connecticut State University, First Vice President, International Association of Genocide Scholars.

How to save thousands of Armenian monuments in the territories of Artsakh temporarily occupied by Baku?

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/heritage-11-10-2021/ Article “How to preserve the Armenian heritage in the territories controlled by Baku” published on October 11, 2021 in the web site of Russian information agency “Sputnik-Armenia”. Translated in English by AGA-Tribunal.info. Armenia should be quite actively involved in highlighting the problem of cultural and historical heritage in Karabakh, as well as raise the issue of the situation at all venues and through any possible structures. Moscow architect, professor of the International Academy of Architecture Andrey Ivanov said this in an interview with reporters, commenting on the threat of the disappearance of the Armenian heritage in […]

The historical environment of the vicinity of Stepanakert

The rich, historical and cultural environment of Stepanakert. The fact that there was life in the vicinity of Stepanakert, Armenians lived here much earlier, according to archeological materials, source data, the rich historical and cultural environment that still exists. Unfortunately, the vicinity of Stepanakert is very little studied. In 2012, 1.6 km north-west of Stepanakert, the ruins of a church / monastic complex / were found. Judging by the surrounding 12th century khachkars, the church existed in the 12th century. However, the nearby settlement and the early Christian cemetery prove that life here existed much earlier. And Krkjan, Kirkitjan (fortress-settlement […]

Ethnic image in Artsakh in the 18th century. Lernik Hovhannisyan

After the conquest of Transcaucasia by the Russian Empire, Russia began to conduct various censuses in the Transcaucasus, which, of course, were far from complete, containing 30-40% inaccuracies.There are records that do not take into account the number of women, give the names of settlements, but do not indicate their ethnicity.In 1823,cameral statistic was performed by Colonel Yermolov and Mogilovsky, an advisor with a more technical purpose.The census was conducted in the Karabakh province, which was divided into mahallas, 23 mahallas, with a total area of ​​21340 sq. Km. With the formation of the NKR, that area was considerably reduced; […]

Armenian historical reality of Shushi is falsificated

After the occupation of Shushi, Azerbaijan launched a state-level campaign against the city’s Armenian cultural values. In particular, the ethnic origin of historical and cultural monuments is falsified. For example, the Ghazanchetsots Church is presented as Udi, and the Kanach Zham or St. John the Baptist Church is presented as Russian Orthodox, while the same Russian archival documents suggest otherwise.The Russian church, the plan of which has been preserved, was located in a completely different place in Russian sources, was demolished by the Azerbaijanis in 1966, and a house of culture was built on the site. The article presents facts […]

There were not mosques in Kashatagh and Karvachar regions

Recently, while in Shoushi, the President of Azerbaijan, the country’s chief forger I. Aliev, on whose instructions false rumors have been spread in the past that Armenians allegedly destroyed Azerbaijani cultural monuments by stopping at one of the local mosques, once publicly boasted that Armenians had destroyed 64 of 67 mosques in Nagorno-Karabakh. The news, which has absolutely nothing to do with reality, has also appeared in other publications that encourage the false propaganda of the Azerbaijanis.In view of the above, we have to answer the liar who turns the reality upside down, based only on the real facts. Thus, […]

The diplomats who took part in the shameful action in the temporarily occupied Shushi on July 10, will betray their own countries tomorrow

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/shushi-10-7-2021-en in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/shushi-10-7-2021-hy Azerbaijani authorities on July 10, 2021 organized the visit of staffers of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Azerbaijan to the temporarily occupied territories of the Republic of Artsakh, including the city of Shоushi.

Protest against sabotage of the international level

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/maragha-14-4-2021/ April 10, 2021 – Day of Remembrance for the victims of the massacre of the Armenian population in the village of Maragha committed by Azerbaijan. A number of public organizations, together with refugees from Maragha, held discussions these days. One of the discussions was over the Internet in St. Petersburg with participants from different cities. In particular, a critical open Appeal to the UN, EU and UNESCO was adopted.

Maragha. April 10. Action of memory in St. Petersburg, Russia

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/maragha-10-4-2021/ On April 10, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh issued an annual Statement in connection with the massacre of the Armenians of the Maragha village. The Statement begins with a legal assessment of the crime: “the armed forces of Azerbaijan committed Genocide of the Armenian civilian population of Maragha settlement of the Republic of Artsakh”. It ends with the words: “Crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations and must be prosecuted and punished”. On this day, the public organization “Crossroad” (“Khachmeruk”) and members of the Society of friends of Artsakh of the Armenian community […]

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh remembers and condemns the Massacre of the Armenian Population of Maragha Settlement

in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/mfa-10-4-2021-hy/ in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/mfa-10-4-2021/ Source: MFA of the Republic of Artsakh, April 10, 2021 Commentary from AGA-Tribunal.info: This Statement of the Artsakh Foreign Ministry about Maragha is the shortest in size in comparison with the previous ones. However, it is the first time that crimes are called genocide. The 2020 Statement referred to Azerbaijan’s (just) attempt to carry out genocidal acts in 2016. In the Statements of 2013, 2014 … 2018 and 2019, as well as in the general Statement of the Artsakh Foreign Ministry (as of April 10, 2021) on the massacre in Maragha http://www.nkr.am/en/maragha-massacre, […]

Pan-Turkism and the politics of culturocide

Recently, a number of publications have appeared aimed at forming in the Russian political public consciousness the attitude that the strategic priority for Russia is an alliance with Turkey. It is argued that the ideology and policy of pan-Turkism adopted by Erdogan’s Turkey does not pose any danger to Russia, but, on the contrary, corresponds to the interests of Moscow, which should actively use it. It is also argued that pan-Turkism is a Russian invention, invented in the General Staff of the Tsarist army purely in the interests of Russia, and the Bolsheviks became the successors of this policy of […]

Gilles Deleuze on Artsakh and the rights of Armenians for life

Source: https://medium.com/sev-bibar/gilles-deleuze-on-artsakh-and-the-rights-of-armenians-for-life-abb26fccfa79 We present you an excerpt from French television program called “L’Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze” (“Gilles Deleuze’s alphabet book”), produced by Pierre-André Boutang in 1988–1989, consisting of an eight-hour series of interviews between Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet. In one of the interviews the French philosopher talks about Artsakh events and the rights of Armenians for life. “Take, the example of recent contemporary unrest in Armenia. What is the situation there to the best of my understanding? There is an enclave in another Soviet Republic. There is an Armenian enclave, and there is the Republic of Armenia…There is a […]

Petition: Protect Armenian Cultural & Historical Sites in Artsakh

Source: Public petition, charge.org On November 10, Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan have signed a joint statement to end the war in Artsakh, that was going on for more than 40 days. This deal has forced Armenia to surrender to Azerbaijan most of the territories they had in Artsakh (their indigenous land for thousands of years). During the war, we had received many videos of Azerbaijani soldiers destroying cultural Armenian monuments while capturing cities, and the worldwide Armenian community is now concerned that when the Government of Azerbaijan get full control of the territories conceded in the deal, they will continue the […]

V. Krivopuskov: Questions to Ilham Aliyev must be considered in the Hague Tribunal

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/krivopuskov-30-3-2021/ March 30, 2021 Victor Krivopuskov published an article (in Russian) on the website of information agency REGNUM “Aliyev should be responsible for the casus belli of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh war-2020”. We give it below translated in English by AGA-Tribunal.info. Some publications of Viktor Krivopuskov are at – https://aga-tribunal.info/krivopuskov/

Vandalism against the St. Yeghishe Armenian Church in Mataghis

in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/vandalism-27-3-2021-hy/ in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/vandalism-27-3-2021/ Below are the comments of two ombudsmen of Republics of Armenia and of Artsakh about new crime committed by Azerbaijan. Sources: Facebook pages (March 27, 2021) of ombudsman of Rep. of Artsakh Gegham Stepanyan of ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan

“Cultural” silence as approval of sacrilege

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/25-3-2021/ March 25 in Russia is the State Day of cultural workers and custodians of cultural heritage. On the eve of this day, on the eve of Holy Week (in the Armenian Apostolic Church), another public blasphemy was committed in one of the territories occupied by Azerbaijan – successive acts of desecration were committed against the Christian church with dancing and wild cries on its dome with a downed cross, and, in the end, was committed destruction to the foundation of this church. All these acts by a group of vandals in the form of soldiers and […]

Online discussion on the cultural genocide from Azerbaijan

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/z-23-3-2021/ On March 23, 2021, the public organization “Khachmeruk” (Crossroads) held a discussion on the topic of cultural genocide (culturicide) of the Armenian heritage of the Republic of Artsakh that is realizing by Azerbaijan. Like the previous one on February 24-25, it was held on the Zoom platform. The announcement was on Facebook and vkontakte.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s comment on the destruction of Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church

Source: Official website of MFA RA Today, the BBC released a video documenting the demolition of the Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church near the town of Mekhakavan (Jebrail), which took place after the region fell under the Azerbaijani control. The same church had already been desecrated during the recent Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh. We strongly condemn this yet another case of a crime committed by Azerbaijan on the grounds of religious hatred. At the same time, the attempts of the Azerbaijani leadership to justify this barbarism are even more concerning, as it shows that this manifestation of vandalism was intentional in […]

V. Krivopuskov. Azerbaijan destroys the Armenian-Russian heritage

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/krivopuskov-22-3-2021/ Article by Viktor Krivopuskov dated March 22, 2021. The Russian Community of Nagorno-Karabakh is concerned about the destruction of the Armenian-Russian heritage in Karabakh regions that came under the control of Baku