Resolution of the International Conference on September 14-17, 2018

(in Armenian – in Russian – Resolution of the first International scientific practical conference on September 14-17, 2018 “Baku 1918. Continuation of the Armenian Genocide”, dedicated to 100-th anniversary of the massacres of Armenians in Baku in September 1918.

Levon Melik Shakhnazaryan. On war and victory

(In Russian with details and links to the texts – This is my article from October 17, 2015.   NEW BOOK BY LEVON MELIK-SHAKHNAZARYAN   Two months ago (August 11, 2015) passed away Levon Melik-Shakhnazaryan. He was a first FM of Artsakh Republic. Some of his articles has been translated into English – google them. His long time friend Prof. Garnik Asatryan wrote recently about him as a founder of Armenian military journalism. A new book in Russian in 2 volumes has been published with some 250 articles by Levon Melik-Shakhnazaryan, written in last years. Few pics of book […]

About the Conference on September 14-17, 2018

(на русском — 14-17 September 2018 in Yerevan will be held a first International scientific-practical conference on the genocidal policy and acts of Azerbaijan – “Baku, 1918. Continuation of the policy of the Armenian Genocide in Azerbaijan …” (To the 100th anniversary of the memory of the victims of the Armenian massacres in September 1918 in Baku)

Open Address to the deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

(հայերեն на русском This year is the 100th anniversary of the massacres of Armenians in September 1918 in Baku made by the genocidal tandem of Turkey and Azerbaijan. The massacre was not only in Baku itself, the troops of Turkish general Nuri-pasha on their move to Baku had destroyed dozens of Armenian-populated villages and killed many thousands of peaceful Armenians.