Azerbaijan is a genocidal and terrorist state where anti-Armenian fascism and murder are propagated at the state level. Even during the Soviet period, the murder propaganda was spread not only in Azerbaijan, but in various places in Armenia, including among Azerbaijanis living in Artsakh. For years I have documented and published dozens of facts about the anti-Armenian fascism of the artificial state of Azerbaijan, including what my parents told me about the genocide in Sumgait. In November 2020, I met Elanora Tsatryan in Yerevan as part of the regular fact-finding work, whօ presented a series of episodes about the murderous […]

Spitak Khach Armenian Monastery (White Cross) located on the occupied area became a target of Azerbaijani anti-Armenian propaganda

in Russian – in Armenian – Source: “Artsakh Monuments”, November 6, 2021. November 5, 2021 on the Azerbaijani website www. cbc. az a video was published, which again showed the “pilgrimage” of the representatives of the Udi community in the Surb Harutyun Church near the town of Hadrut, the Spitak Khach monastery in the Vank village, both are located on the occupied by Azerbaijan territory. The current head of the Udi community, Robert Mobilin, and his deputy, Rafik Danakarin, “perform rituals typical of the Aghvan-Udi church” in Armenian churches.