John Eibner. Religious Cleansing in Progress: Beyond the Armenian Genocide in Time and Space

in Russian – On September 9-10, 2021 a large Conference on International Religious Freedom and Peace took place in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin (Armenia). Below is a report made by John Eibner (London) at this conference. Some other publications by J. Eibner and Christian Solidarity International (CSI) – here. Photo from this source.

Valeria Olyunina. Azerbaijani Propaganda and Falsifications of Alexander Tamanyan’s ‘Russian Period’ Heritage

in Russian – Source: Valeria Olyunina is Editor-In-Chief of Nasha Sreda and an employee of the Public Institute of Political and Social Research of the Black Sea-Caspian Region named after V.B. Artsruni.

About UNESCO policy of silence and connivance to the crimes of Azerbaijan

in Farsi – in Armenian – in Russian – Source: Artsakh Monuments page in Facebook, December 8, 2021