AZERBAIJAN CONTINUES CULTURAL GENOCIDE AGAINST THE GHAZANCHETSOTS CATHEDRAL After the 2020 war, Azerbaijan initiated the false “restoration”[1] of the Holy Savior Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi, not actually restoring it, but distorting the true knowledge, history and future of the heritage. Being the main and first responsible for the impermissible damage to the exclusive cultural value, today Azerbaijan continues further damaging of the already injured value, leaving aside the crime of ethnic cleansing committed against the generations. Yes, the international fundamental principles of the heritage protection document says that it is important to preserve its integrity for the preservation of the […]

MFA of the Rep. of Artsakh Statement on the inadmissibility of using blockade and starvation to achieve Azerbaijan its political goals

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/mfa-25-7-2023/ in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/hy/mfa-25-7-2023-hy/ Source: web site of MFA of the Rep. of Artsakh


Harutyunyan Mher, Avanesov Hovik The article substantiates the fact that Azerbaijan’s aggression is carried out at the state level and is a component of Azerbaijan’s fascist policy, which clearly shows that Azerbaijan does not have a peaceful agenda․As a result of the study, we came to the conclusion that Azerbaijan continues its terrorist and aggressive policy in the region․ This study aims to present the involvement of foreign mercenaries and international terrorists during the Azerbaijani aggression against the Republic of Artsakh on the basis of relevant international conventions and regulatory legal acts․ It is clearly emphasized that impunity prepares fertile […]

Provisional measures by International Court of Justice dated December 7, 2021

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/icj-7-12-2021/ On December 7 2021, International Court of Justice issued its orders on the requests for provisional measures made by Armenia and Azerbaijan in the proceedings instituted by Armenia against Azerbaijan and the counterclaim of Azerbaijan against Armenia under the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination” (CERD).

Spitak Khach Armenian Monastery (White Cross) located on the occupied area became a target of Azerbaijani anti-Armenian propaganda

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/spitak-6-11-2021/ in Armenian – https://aga-tribunal.info/hy/spitak-6-11-2021-hy/ Source: “Artsakh Monuments”, November 6, 2021. November 5, 2021 on the Azerbaijani website www. cbc. az a video was published, which again showed the “pilgrimage” of the representatives of the Udi community in the Surb Harutyun Church near the town of Hadrut, the Spitak Khach monastery in the Vank village, both are located on the occupied by Azerbaijan territory. The current head of the Udi community, Robert Mobilin, and his deputy, Rafik Danakarin, “perform rituals typical of the Aghvan-Udi church” in Armenian churches.

Alexandr Manasyan. How Baku is hiding behind international law, pursuing a policy of culturicide and genocide

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/a-manasyan-2-11-2021/ A report by Alexandr Manasyan at the international online conference “UN responsibility for the protection of the cultural heritage of ancient peoples from cultural genocide”, held in Saint Petersburg on November 2-3, 2001. About conference – https://aga-tribunal.info/conf-2-11-2021-en/ Translation from Russian by AGA-Tribunal.info.

Concept on Cultural heritage in conflicts and crises

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/eu-18-6-2021/ Council of the European Union on June 18, 2021 adopted a project (April 19, 2021) of a Concept on Cultural heritage in conflicts and crises. Later on June 21, 2021 it adopted also the Conclusions on EU Approach to Cultural Heritage in conflicts and crises.

Two petitions on the web site of White House against Azerbaijan and Turkey

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/petitions-sept-2020/ After joint Azerbaijani, Turkish and Middle East terrorist groups agression started on September 27, 2020 against Republics of Artsakh and Armenia two different Petitions were issued on the web site of the White House.

Crimes committed by Azerbaijan against the Armenian people and humanity after 1990

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/crimes-after-1990/ A partial List of crimes committed by Azerbaijan after 1990. Some were noted in the Statement of the group of organizations of January 12, 2020. List of crimes before the end of 1990 – here. 1991-1994 – large-scale aggression against the NKR and the border regions of the Republic of Armenia (RA). February 1992 — the killing of their own citizens and Meskhetian Turks near city Agdam when they left Khojaly along a humanitarian corridor made by Armenians.  April 1992 — atrocities and crime of genocide of Armenians in Maraga village  2004 — the heroization of Ramil […]

Crimes committed by Azerbaijan before the end of 1990

in Russian – https://aga-tribunal.info/crimes-till-1990/ A partial List of crimes committed by Azerbaijan before the end of 1990. Some were noted in the Statement of the group of organizations of January 12, 2020. List of crimes after 1990 – here. 1905-1906 – participation in riots against Armenians in the Caucasus, the persecution and murder of Armenians, the seizure of their property. July 1918 – massacre and exile of Armenians in Nukhi, Aresh, Geokchay regions September 1918 – participation in the massacre of Armenians in Baku by Turkish troops, theft of their property. 1919-1920 – massacre of Armenians of Nukhi and Aresh regions 1918-1921 – armed attacks and violence […]