STATEMENT to the UN: On compensation of material losses suffered by the Armenian people during the First World War

in Russian – in Armenian – in French – Below we offer a document that was adopted by the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) and was sent earlier to the UN.

PRESS RELEASE. Statement to the UN: «On compensation of material losses suffered by the Armenian people during the First World War»

in Russian – in Armenian – in French – in German – in Arabic – PRESS RELEASE The Republic of Western Armenia (the State of Armenia) has begun the process of compensation for material losses suffered by the Armenian people, within the framework of which it has already appealed to the relevant international authorities, including the Secretary–General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, as well as to the Heads of States – Permanent Members of the UN Security Council:

Pan-Turkism and the politics of culturocide

Recently, a number of publications have appeared aimed at forming in the Russian political public consciousness the attitude that the strategic priority for Russia is an alliance with Turkey. It is argued that the ideology and policy of pan-Turkism adopted by Erdogan’s Turkey does not pose any danger to Russia, but, on the contrary, corresponds to the interests of Moscow, which should actively use it. It is also argued that pan-Turkism is a Russian invention, invented in the General Staff of the Tsarist army purely in the interests of Russia, and the Bolsheviks became the successors of this policy of […]

Maragha Genocide as a Continuation of Azerbaijan’s Genocidal Policy

Azerbaijani military aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has a tragic history challenging human imagination, Maragha genocide stands out against this appalling background (Maragha is referred to as a Soviete village of Leninavan – two merged villages of Maraghi and Margushevan of the NKR Mardakert region, on the border with Mirbashir district (Terter  district), near the Azerbaijani city of Mir-Bashir (Terter). According to the last census conducted of 1989, the village had a population of 4,660.  The village was shelled on 5 a.m. of  April 10, 1992 that was no more intense than previously. The shelling intensified at midday by regular Azerbaijani […]